About Timothy Cope

More than 7 years programming and quality assurance experience.

Experience in both Agency/Start-up and Enterprise environments.

Support projects with millions of users and billions in transactions.

CliftonStrengths Signature Themes
Achiever | Learner | Responsibility | Harmony | Consistency

Tim Cope ensures that quality standards are met during production. Using a developer mindset he performs Happy Path, Negative, Fuzz, Security, Conformance, and Accessibility testing. He also wears an End-User hat to perform Usability testing.

Tim is backed by years of hardware and software quality assurance as well as an education in Computer Science. His experience spans a multitude of environments and programming languages. This allows him to not only test, but to also automate tests and deployments.

In his free time, Tim works on side projects to learn more programming languages or just to brush up. At home, he enjoys spending time with his family; playing games, bicycling, and traveling.