Performance Enhancements and Load Testing Tips

Testing – What to Look For

Enhancements – Low Hanging Fruits

  1. Optimize images
    1. Images should not exceed 1MB if at all possible
    2. Should be optimized
      1. – for Mac OSX
      2. – Online tool
    3. Large images that are resized via html/js should be that size in the first place
  2. Minify all JS/CSS
  3. Do not load videos on page load (YouTube videos like to buffer)
    1. Instead, use an image, that when clicked will load the video
  4. Enable gzip compression (server setting)
  5. Limit API calls
    1. For auto-complete search:
      1. Do not submit until at least 2 or 3 characters are entered
      2. And/or use a timer to send a request only after the user has stopped typing for 2 seconds

Enhancements – Other Possible Enhancements

  1. Set up a caching mechanism
    1. Caching will respond to a request with a previous response if the requests are the same
      1. WordPress has tons of plug-ins for this
      2. – *nix
      3. Many more options exist
  2. Set up a CDN
    1. Put assets on another server to reduce load on the server that is handling requests
      1. AWS has a service called CloudFront
      2. Many more options exist